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Michael Sheldon
Nov 05, 2021
In Share Your Memory
Dan was an avid Notre Dame fan. I attended several football games with him. The first was at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and the second at Notre Dame. The game in South Bend, IN was not only observation of Notre Dame football madness (we stayed on campus the night before when several Navy fighters buzzed the school at midnight) but also historic. ND lost that game after two overtimes in sudden death. My dad was a Navy veteran, so you can guess how I was cheering. I never got invited back to a game. I guess I was bad luck. He did invite to fish for salmon on a trip we made to Alaska. I caught my limit in about 10 mins. He was not a happy camper. He made me sit on the cooler while he took my fishing spot. Then there is added story of him pulling out the revolver on the cooler I was sitting on and firing live shot in the air to scare the bears away. These are fond memories with my brother-in-law. Unique, always caring and fun. I will miss him.
Michael Sheldon

Michael Sheldon

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